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Hip Hop in South Asia: Bangladesh
(region: Indian, Bangladesh)
by Sherman

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Bangladesh hip-hop, commonly known as Bangla hip hop, is a new genre of Bangladesh music. Its culture covers a variety of styles of hip-hop music made in the Bangladesh. U.S. Hip-Hop dating back to early 2000 heavily influences Bangladeshi hip-hop. In recent years, local Bangladeshi hip hop artists have begun to emerge in underground scenes in large cities such as Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet. The lyrical expression of cultural identity and addressing Bangladesh’s political and social problems is vital in making hip hop a popular growing genre.

In 2005 Stoic Bless releases their debut album “Alok Borso durey.” In the mean time, E.N.L. (enlightenment) crew was formed by MC Shaq, Skibkhan and Xplosive. A new member Mc Mugz, was recruited some months later. The Band changed its name to DESHI MCs to keep in with the flavor they uphold. The Band released their first album, “BANNED” in mid 2006. One Year later Stoic Bless drops their second album “Kolponar Baire.” Later 2008, Kata Taarer Bera, a Bengali collaborated Hip hop album of the duo, DJ Raf and Jasper Al-rashid was released. Also colloquially shortened to simply “KTB”, the album was originally an idea of DJ Raf. He later took the liberty to turn this into a duo act with Jasper Al-rashid. All of the tracks are either collaborated or individually performed by these two artists including a small number of tracks featuring appearances of a few guest artists. There were a very few exceptional solo tracks of the guest artists as well. The album’s front cover featured a footer message placed right above the Parental Advisory message stating “Strong Language / Amazing Content.” This was the origin of this, which has later inspired other prominent local Hip-hop artists to include similar contents in their albums. The album mostly played a very important role into shaping Bengali Hip hop towards the newer era of artists with vigorous changes and discovery of a stronger local movement.

With all of its participants making their own spaces in the industry after it was released, the album eventually resulted into being one of the very few massively successful Hip-hop albums in the early era of Bangladeshi Hip hop industry and thus considered an all-time Bengali Hip hop classic. Fuad Al Muqtadir, a very popular music composer and producer from Bangladesh featured Skibkhan of Deshi MCs in one of his mainstream works making it a huge commercial success and also exposing Bengali hip hop to the mass audience of Bangladesh. Later in 2009 another crew Uptown Lokolz released their debut album “Kahini Scene Paat” under the label Deadline was another break through. The album also featured rappers like F.L.O and Fat Kabs. Bangla Hip Hop differs from Bengali Hip Hop mainly from the language. Bengali is more “formal” than Bangla and uses less slang than Bangla. Bangla is based mostly on Dhaka, Sylhet, Barisal, and Chittagong. There are many Bangla Hip Hop artist, some of the famous are:

* Lyrical Assassins
* Sinister
* T.H
* Jasper
* Bad Boys Crew
* D-Briggaz
* T.O.R (Theology Of Rap)
* T.O.D (Thugs Of Dhaka)
* Cosmics
* Impact
* Abir Catalyst

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